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Minmetals (UK) Ltd is a leading trader in metals, minerals and metal fabricated products. With a more than 20-year trading presence in Europe, we are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Beijing-base China Minmetals Group.

Minmetals (UK) Ltd has since its establishment enjoyed steady growth in both size and scope of operations, with accumulated business volume now totaling several billion US dollars.

The reason? With London traditionally the world trading centre for minerals and metals, our location is certainly and advantage. As is access to the vast resources of our parent company, simply the most important player in mineral and metal trading in China. Our highly qualified personnel, each with many years’ experience in international trading, also represent a key asset.

But perhaps what really makes different is the Minmetals approach – a commitment to establishing, developing and preserving client relationship based on mutual trust, mutual support and mutual benefit.

That’s why we enjoy secure and favorable trading arrangements with a vast array of metal and mineral producers and end-users in China . And why we share equally successful relationship with clients and suppliers through Europe and beyond.


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